Dear friends and colleagues,

This fall the 9th International Course and Conference on Neuromuscular Imaging took place online from September 22-24, 2021. Brought to you by the International Society of Peripheral Neurophysiologic Imaging and the Dutch Society of Clinical Neurophysiology, the meeting focused on everything in clinical neuromuscular imaging, including ultrasound and MRI of muscles and nerves. Topics bridge the different imaging specialty areas of neurology, physiatry, clinical neurophysiology, radiology, pediatric neurology, and rheumatology.

For those who attented the event, all content meeting is now avaible for offlline viewing in the Brella platform until the end of 2021. If you have lost your login details, please send a message to secretariat@mediscon.nlIn addition, the on-demand content of this meeting is still available till December 31st for for anyone via post-event registration. You can register by clicking the button “On Demand” at the top of this page.

We welcome you to the on-demand content, and hope to see you again in October 2022 for the next conference that will take in Brasil!

On behalf of the local organizing committee and the ISPNI board,

International Conference on Neuromuscular Imaging

Nens van Alfen MD
PhD Associate Professor of Neurology



Free appetizers!

Not sure yet if neuromuscular ultrasound is for you? Or just curious what ISPNI has to offer?
Watch these plenary sessions for free online during the event!

Wednesday September 22 – 09.00 – 10.00 hrs CEST
Introduction to neuromuscular ultrasound –
Dr. Nens van Alfen

Thursday September 23 – 09.00 – 09.45 hrs CEST
Keynote introduction – Dr. Lisa Hobson-Webb

Friday September 24 – 09.45 – 10.15 hrs CEST
Advances in nerve ultrasound РProf.  Francis Walker