Course Instructor Briefing

Dear friends and colleagues,

Thank you for participating as a course instructor in the upcoming ICCNMI2021 digital event! As you are aware, the course is being reformatted to a series of 30-minute online ultrasound instructions and scanning demos. Please see the course program. Our aim is to present the content for each session in two 10-15 minute long prerecorded parts, that two hosts will introduce and discuss in between and following these precorded parts when the event goes live.

During the live broadcase of the event, participants will be able to ask questions via the chat, that the hosts can moderate and address. Everything will be recorded during the event, so that the whole meeting content will become available following the course and conference for those unable to attend the live broadcasts.

Please send us your video
As you all have agreed to a particular topic, we would like to ask you to send us your 10-15 minute long instruction and/or demo videos, before July 1st. Especially for those of you doing the demo’s: ideally we would like to receive your material in its final edited form, with images and videos from the scanning and the ultrasound on the screen (in a “screen-in-screen” format preferably), and including your narration of the topic, sent to us as an .mp4 or other movie format file in at least HD quality with a 16:9 screen format. You can edit and annotate your material in for example Powerpoint, Imovie or any of the software options such as Camtasia (trial is free) you can find online.

Help offered by the committee
If you are unable to edit your material yourself, please indicate so and let us know specifically what you will be able to provide us with, so we can help you with the editing process. If you are unable to record the demo material, please let us know specifically what you would like to show before the 10th of May, so we can record it for you, and help you incorporate it in a presentation.

We look forward to receiving your contribution. If you have any questions, please contact the congress secretariat as soon as possible.

International Conference on Neuromuscular Imaging

Nens van Alfen MD
PhD Associate Professor of Neurology

Deadline: May 10th

Contact us if you need help

The congress committee can assist you with editing or can record demo material for you. Please let us know it at the latest on May 10th. Otherwise we assume you will be able to record and edit the video by yourself.

Deadline: July 1st

Send us your video

We would like to receive an instruction or demo video with a duration of 10-15 minutes. The screen format should be 16:9 and the quality at least HD. Any file type will work for us, but we prefer mp4. You can use for big files.