The Francis Walker Award

This year, the International Society for Neurophysiologic Imaging and the Dutch Clinical Neurophysiology Society are proud to announce the first “Francis Walker Award”, to be presented during the ICCNMI2021 course and conference. This award, named after one of the founding fathers of neuromuscular ultrasound, honors a colleague for their your longstanding contributions to the field and their continuing advocacy of the topic.

We are proud to announce that professor Francis Walker himself will be presenting the ceremony! The recipient will receive a medal of honor, and a lecture with an overview of their work during the event. Join us online this September for this special occasion!

Introducing this award, we had a short interview with professor Francis Walker, professor of neurology at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

Questions & Answers

It is a great honor to be associated with this prestigious award and lecture. Also, Luca Padua, Lisa Hobson-Webb and Carlo Martinoli deserve recognition for their work in founding the ISPNI.

What is your take on awards?
“I will quote Voltaire as his view is also very true of this award and lecture: Appreciation is a wonderful thing, it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

What do I like most about neuromuscular ultrasound?
“Many discoveries made with it are serendipitous.  A quick look is sometimes all it takes—and this adds particular zest to its daily use.”

Any other thoughts worth sharing?
“While it may be true that form determines function, having measures of both for neuromuscular disease–ultrasound and electrodiagnosis–is better than relying on either one alone.”